Drought 2015


Cleary Bros. is here to help in California’s unprecedented drought.  We are working with the various water districts to stay informed about the changing requirements and are acting as a conduit to our clients.

For no additional cost Cleary Bros provides all of its maintenance customers the following

  • Weekly system checks by the gardening crews during the growing season.  This gets repairs done fast
  • Comprehensive Takeover Report on all new accounts to identify opportunities
  • Ongoing regular adjustments to the irrigation controllers
  • Constant re-adjustment of the sprinkler heads for correct alignment
  • An Arborist is assigned to each property to assess trees for signs of drought stress
  • Consistent water meter readings
  • Logging of irrigation timer inspections using our proprietary mobile application
  • Your Account Manager will give you suggestions and designs for water wise improvements
  • Your Account Manager will utilize our irrigation experts to provide return on investment studies for system improvements
  • Monitoring of the soil moisture level as part of our ongoing 21 point Quality Assurance Inspection done with our proprietary mobile application
  • Real time feedback of completed minor and major irrigation repairs with details of where the work was done and any parts used
  • Oversight from both a Production Manager and Account Manager

We want to help you by putting a Water Management Plan together.  Our plans are based on your priorities.  Having a plan in place is the best place to start.

  • We will help you determine which areas can become non-irrigated if necessary.
  • Make sure that your key focal points are kept as pristine as possible
  • Evaluate improvement options taking into account value, cost, and potential rebates available

WaterSplashSome of the items that Cleary Bros can provide include:

  • Sheet Mulching and associated rebates
  • Mulching planter beds
  • Upgrading to “Smart Irrigation” controllers
  • Converting spray irrigation to drip irrigation
  • Turf reduction