Sample Arborist Report

Subject: Sun Valley Vineyards HOA – Tree Removals

We were asked to inspect 4 Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) and 2 Bradford Pear (Pyrus calleryana) on the Sun Valley Vineyards Homeowners Association property.


The first three Aleppo Pines are growing as a small grove at the entryway to Grapevine Place, slightly up slope from 300 Grapevine Place. There dbh’s are 20”. 15” and 22”. The asphalt adjacent to these trees is due to be repaired this summer and the root system of these trees has caused significant damage to the existing asphalt. The root systems of these trees will have to be pruned significantly in order to facilitate proper repair of the asphalt, this root pruning will compromise the structural integrity of these trees. It should also be noted that these trees are very poorly structured due to lack of or poor tree maintenance in the past, there are co-dominant stems with 1 to 1 stem aspect ratios, also there have been and currently are multiple limb failures throughout the canopies of these Pines.

The fourth Aleppo Pine is on Mercury Way next to unit 313 Grapevine and has a 23” dbh. This tree leans out over Mercury Way and is in very poor health. Over the past two months I have noticed a significant change in this trees health and vigor, it has become very chlorotic. The lean was most likely caused by two factors; first being improper staking at the time of planting and the second is the development of girdling roots which predisposed this tree to wind throw.

The first Callery Pear is located at 332 Grapevine Place and has a 10”dbh. This tree is the smallest of four Callery Pears at this address and is very poorly structured. Its growth has been suppressed by the larger Callery Pear trees that overshadow it.

The second Callery Pear is located to the right of the driveway at 444 Brandywine Lane and has a 13.5” dbh. This tree is growing in a very space restrictive area and its root system has damaged the driveway, walkway, curbing, and asphalt roadway.

Summary and Recommendations

We recommend that these trees be removed given their condition and possible threat to public safety.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning this report.



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