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Retail Center Landscaping

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Retail centers, with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, pose unique challenges to the landscape maintenance process.  Effective irrigation management, combined with continual oversight and removal of potential liability hazards is crucial in the maintenance of shopping centers, strip malls and retail centers.

You get a dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager will be college educated, experienced, professional, articulate, and proactive.  You have one business contact for all of your property needs


We give you information to stay on budget and keep your property attractive to more walk in traffic

Cleary Bros teams are trained in proper horticultural care.  With this and quality checks, the property will improve.  We also offer free design services to our customers when there is interest in renovating the landscape.   In many cases, the landscaping has worn out or become outdated.

You get an Arborist assigned to your property

Your arborist will work in conjunction with your Account Manager to give advice and input on how to best manage your trees.  In college, Mike and Martin Cleary studied under Richard Harris who (with Alex Shigo) wrote the book ‘Arboriculture’ which led to the development of the term Arborist and a scientific approach to tree care.  With that background, Cleary Bros is dedicated to helping customers manage their urban forest.

 Real Time reporting for you

As irrigation repairs are done or work is completed Cleary Bros will give you instant feedback on the status of work.  In addition, on the first of the month we will send our customers a 60 day look back at all work to keep the customer and property manager in sync with our activities.  This is a free service to all Cleary Bros customers.

 24 hour emergency service

Cleary Bros is always on call to help with site emergencies such as broken water lines, fallen trees, flooding, and storm damage.  Our response is fast and economical.

An irrigation technician is assigned to your property

Cleary Bros irrigation technicians are well trained and well equipped to help with more serious irrigation problems.

You get consistent service from our routine 21 point quality inspections

Cleary Bros management team is equipped with handheld access to a database.  The database is used to log quality audits, track tasks, and log irrigation adjustments.  Say good bye to the guy with sticky notes all over his dashboard.

Cleary Bros has a 97% retention rate of maintenance customers.  They stay with us because they trust us

Landscaping in the Bay Area is very competitive.  Cleary Bros knows that people have options.  Our retention is a result of excellent service, value, and trust.

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