A compliment from a resident at one of our accounts, sent to the property manager.

“Hi Natalie:

Our compliments to Cleary Bros. gardeners on the great job they are doing with the MCE property. We just wanted to show our appreciation for the very nice work as our property has never looked better. It’s so nice to walk around and enjoy the park-like landscaping, especially this time of year. The attention to detail, specifically of the attractive pruning of all the bushes, has not gone unnoticed.

We appreciate having truly professional gardeners tending to our landscaping which is our home.

Steven & Frances —–“

Is it Fall Time


The days are getting shorter and the temperatures will be dropping soon. It’s a great time for planting. Roots love the Fall!

Another Five Star Yelp Review for Cleary Bros Landscape

“I have worked with Cleary Brothers for about 9 Years. The best Landscaping company around. They are quick to respond and proactive to the needs of a property. They manage all of my Homeowners Associations. They have a great tree division and irrigation division that communicate with each other seamlessly. I tell my supervisor and everything just happens. It’s a pleasure working with them!.!”

The Yelp users Love Cleary Bros Landscape with Five star reviews

“Do you know how hard it is to find a trustworthy landscaping company?  Trust me. We have been through it.  Like people who butcher the shurbs and flowers or never even show up for walk throughs.  Unlike my previous experiences, Cleary Brothers

Our property was absolutely a disaster.  It is a huge complex and had slowly erroded over time with low budget, un-professional service.

Within 2 months our property just started looking healthy again.  They use proper treatments and the crews are obviously trained on how to do natural pruning.  The guys are always nice.  They even found a leaking water pipe in the first week that had been ‘a big unknown’ for the last year-Thanks for the savings there.

We are very excited about finding Cleary.  I would recommend this company to any complex that is tired of looking run-down.”

Yelp does it again

“These guys are awesome!  They managed to turn our HOA”s fading landscape into a thing of beauty!  Cheers to our board for replacing “the other guys” with a company that really cares.  My mother came to visit this weekend and before even saying hello she said “We’ll, you guys have finally gotten decent gardeners.”  THANKS GUYS!”

Another Five Star Rating on Yelp

“Cleary has been fantastic is working with our group of homeowners and our HOA to rebuild 2 common areas that were previously disasters.  We now have beautiful drought resistant sustainable grass, tress and shrubs.  They worked wonders and went out of their way to assist us under trying conditions.”

Yelp give us another Five Stars

“Having worked with Cleary Bros. as Landscape Manager for a large Homeowners’ Assn. (HOA), in Walnut Creek, and knowing the absolute quality of their work, I called upon them to install two 1,000 ft. garden beds at a second HOA where I was in charge of a rehab project. What I experienced was the highest degree of prefessionalism and quality work. Example: When the new plants were delivered from the nursery, Mike Cleary was there to inspect them as they came off the truck. He sent most of them back because some were one-gallon plants in five-gallon cans, some roses had fungus on their leaves, and some were inferior quality in other ways. While doing the actual installing, Mike found several deficiencies that were not part of his bid and he corrected them. One was a cache basin that was installed so high it could not capture water runoff. Mike’s team lowered it at no extra cost. He also corrected a rain drain that was plugged with mud and debris. We had been living with a flooded sidewalk during rain storms for years and did not realize the source of the problem until Mike pointed it out to me and provided a solution.

Our new garden beds are so successful that homeowners stop me as they see me in the neighborhood and compliment me on my choice of Cleary Bros. to do the work. Our account manager, Julie Gile, has been attentive and wonderful to work with. It’s been a win-win for us. I will have Cleary bid on other projects and will work with them any chance I get in the future. We have a limited landscape budget and we can’t afford to make mistakes. We know our money is well spent with Cleary.!”

Another Five Star Rating on Yelp

“Our Homeowners’ Association “Quad” was transformed from a woody, neglected area to a beautiful park-like setting by Cleary Brothers. We, as neighbors, are very proud of this new entrance to our homes.

Cleary Brothers were very sensitive to every detail, rejecting inferior plants and monitoring the new plants and lawns. At the end of each day the area was always made clean and safe for the residents. They were delightful to work with and we feel we were fortunate to have had the best!”

Another Yelp Review for Cleary Bros

“I use this company as a subcontractor ad have found them to be very reliable. They respond quickly to any request, and keep me updated to all work work being done and when a job is completed. I inspect the quality of the work and have found it to be of a high quality. I would recommend them to any one”

A Five Star Rating on Yelp.com

“These guys are super reliable.  Their management is attentive and what gets communicated to them is carried out in our condo development’s landscape.  Our concerns about new ground plants being delivered in unhealthy states, large bamboo shoots that needed to be  trimmed back, pests that were damaging some bushes, etc. were all received and responded to promptly.  The grass throughout is kept pristine and vines are no longer unwieldy.  They are very professional!”