Featured Property Diablo Highlands Village Danville

Diablo Highlands Village HOA Danville


For the past 5 years Cleary Bros has provided landscape maintenance services at Diablo Highlands Country Villas in Danville.  Diablo Highlands is a large HOA with many Single Family Homes.  The site has a large park like greenbelt that runs through the center of the association.  This property is managed by Tom Bantz of Homeowner Association Services, a  Bay Area management company that we work with on a variety of projects.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with Diablo Highlands and Homeowner Association Services for many years to come.

Featured Property Rotary Village San Rafael

Rotary Village

We are pleased to announce that we have taken over the retirement community of Rotary in San Rafael. A key feature of this property is it’s soft footprint on the landscape.  The residents and owners are very serious about Sustainable landscape practices. This property is owned by Bridge Housing, a very well established company that owns and managers over 13,000 homes.  We look forward to a long term relationship with this community and with Bridge Housing.