Comment from Commercial Property Manager

Good morning Martin and thank you for your call.

Ever since Cleary took over our landscaping services in Orinda and Walnut Creek, we have been extremely pleased with the service provided. Julie Gile is fantastic at arranging the designs for our properties. She is easy to work with, has a tremendous amount of knowledge, patience, and creativity.
One of her most important contributions is that she is always prepared and patient to help me budget the costs for work. I appreciate having her very much. Chris Sartain has also played a key role in our delight with Cleary.
Just like Julie, he is always attentive and responsive to the needs at our centers. The landscaping crews are always courteous and professional. They have done a tremendous job keeping the ivy under control and keeping the
site landscaping clean and well manicured at both locations.

To summarize, Cleary has done a fantastic job at recognizing the needs at our sites, sending professional and reliable people, and being an all around remarkable landscaping company. We look forward to a continued successful relationship.

Wildflowers in the Bay Area

Mt Diablo WildFlowersThe wildflowers will be getting in full bloom soon.  The Bay Area has some terrific viewing areas on all sides of the Bay.  We love Mt Diablo and Mt Tam.  Where are your favorite wildflower viewing spots?

The new Western Gardens Sunset Book is out

Many of us consider this book to be our ‘Bible’ as Gardeners. They have added over 1000 plants that are suited for the West. There are interesting entries on how we and our gardens impact the area around us. If you have any personal home landscape projects that you want to take on, this book is a great place to start. Watch our newsletter for a chance to get your copy for free!

Happy gardening!