Certified Backflow Testing Available


Cleary Bros. Landscape is now certified to perform annual backflow testing in the following Water Districts:

EBMUD     Cal Water     City of Pleasanton     City of Livermore    

Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD)     Zone 7 Water    

Town of Discovery Bay     Santa Clara Valley Water District

Alameda County Water District

If you manage properties in any of these districts, contact us to schedule your annual backflow test.


Hiring HR Generalist

Cleary Bros employees

Cleary Bros Team


We are looking for a HR Generalist to help keep our 200 employees Safe, Motivated, and Productive


This non-exempt position is primarily responsible for coordinating the company’s benefits programs, administering policies and procedures, and providing human resources support as assigned; perform related work as required.


The examples of functions listed in this job description are representative, but not necessarily exhaustive, of any one position in this job classification.  Management may assign other functions not listed herein at its sole discretion.

Responsible for all staffing activities (e.g., establishes recruitment plans, develops relationships with recruitment sources, conducts screening and interview processes); serves as the benefits liaison between vendor and employees; ensures legal compliance with all federal, state, and local employment statutes; coordinates the Company safety program (e.g., workers’ compensation, claims, loss run reports, OSHA 300 log); oversees the performance management system (e.g., feedback, discipline, documentation); conducts New Employee Orientation sessions; leads training and development efforts; operates office equipment; addresses employee complaints, grievances, and morale issues; manages various organizational change initiatives; administers policies and procedures; conducts investigations as required; ensures proper entry, storage, and use of employee data (e.g., application, benefits, wages, vacation, sick time); tracks all legally required leaves of absence (e.g., FMLA, ADA); makes recommendations regarding human resources issues; supports the organizational culture that fosters positive employee relations, teamwork, and productivity; manages various budgets (e.g., human resources department, safety, uniforms); coordinates company recognition events; maintains legally-compliant file management procedures (e.g., storage, documentation, destruction); leads meetings; performs follow-up, consultation, and administrative back-up as needed; and provides excellent service (e.g., accurate, complete, and timely) to clients, vendors, and staff in a courteous and efficient manner.

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How Can Cleary Bros. Reduce Your Costs?

gardener gardener2

Because we include more than just “the basics” in our base-level service, you get more for your dollar value!  With most landscape companies, routine maintenance includes just the bare minimum.  We go beyond the routine and take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Cleary Bros. basic service includes things most other companies charge extra for; Services like core turf aeration, insect control, shrub disease prevention, water meter reading and irrigation system checks are all part of regular routine maintenance.

In fact, most irrigation repairs are included in a contract with Cleary Bros. and all repairs are done by properly trained staff so you know the job will be done right.

By including the “extras”, Cleary Bros. can have a positive impact on your bottom line every single month.

Talk to a Cleary Bros. representative today and find out how we can start saving you money tomorrow.

California Drought Watch: getting more pop per drop


California Drought

California Drought

This is from David Lesher of PPIC

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With the state still facing drought conditions, the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee held a hearing yesterday titled “Water: State and Local Funding Relationships and the 2015-16 Governor’s Budget.”

PPIC senior fellow Ellen Hanak testified to the panel about the recent history of the state’s water finance. (Here is her slide presentation.) She noted that California has been relying increasingly on state bonds to finance water projects, using six bonds to raise almost $20 billion between 2000 and 2006, in addition to the $7.5 billion bond that voters passed last November.

She recommended that the state gather more information on water use so that water can be fairly allocated when supplies are low. She also said the state Fish and Wildlife Department is doing a good job managing ecosystems during the drought but that California could benefit from a more strategic plan to do so, as Australia adopted during its recent drought.

Noting that the state needs to find ways to stretch scarce water supplies, Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said he was going to adopt a line from Ellen’s testimony as the “mantra” for the committee: “greatest pop per drop.”

Featured Property of the Month: Costa Brava in Alameda

Costa Brava Owners Association in Alameda is our Featured Property of the Month.  The Property Manager said this was the “best looking, best detailed, most attractive property on the island of Alameda.”  She has many other accounts and by far this is above all. The Board’s Landscape Committee is very organized and our team meets every Wednesday with them. Communication is the key and working diligently with them makes all the difference in the world.  We have achieved many successful landscape renovation jobs with tremendous success from drought tolerant native plants to large 2 and 3 ton field stone boulders. This year we have begun our first of many sheet mulching projects in an effort to save water and money. It’s evident throughout the property that our crew members have a keen sense of proper pruning techniques. The pruning was below Cleary Bros. standards when we took over the site 15 years ago. Now it is above outstanding. Plant color and health is also excellent and the planting zones are free of weeds. Cleary Bros. is proud to provide our services at Costa Brava Owners Association.

Costa Brava Owners Association

Costa Brava Owners Association

how much mulch do I need

How much mulch do I need?  This chart will help you take the guesswork out of getting your order right.

You can also use this chart to check the math if you are looking at a bid from your landscaper


Cubic Yards Needed for Depth of Mulch

Square Footage
























43,560 (1 acre)




Here are some Bay Friendly Landscaping tips on munching:

• Apply a layer that settles to 2-4 inches deep. This is the best general application rate, especially for use in planting beds. Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes require a minimum of 3 inches of coarse mulch.

• Fine Mulch: Apply no more than 2 inches. Thin layers of fine mulch (particle size of half inch or less) are less likely to impede air and water. Fine mulches decompose more quickly and need to be replenished more often than coarse textured woody mulches.

• Coarse Mulch: Use 4-6 inches or more to control weeds in open spaces. Coarse mulch is best for weed control; it prevents annual weed seeds from gerninating. Weeds that do sprout are easier to remove. For maximum weed control, replenish mulch once a year.

• You can have too much of a good thing: Use lesser amounts on poorly drained soils.

• Keep mulch on top of the soil to prevent tying up nitrogen. Woody material that is incorporated into the soil will temporarily inhibit the soil’s ability to supply nitrogen to the plants. However, according to research, mulch only uses nitrogen at the soil surface, and not from the root zone. If you do not turn mulch into the soil, you’ll prevent nitrogen drag.

Mulch will very quickly make the landscape look more refined.  It saves water by reducing evaporation due to direct sunlight.  As it breaks down, it help build a healthy soil structure.  This is key in the Bay Area.


Of course, if you need a professional to apply mulch to your commercial property or HOA, please Call Cleary Bros to get a free estimate.