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Martin Cleary quoted in national magazine

Martin Cleary is quoted by Lawn and Landscape on how he and his brother were able to build up such a successful landscape company in.  Click the image to see the article

martin quote in Lawn and Landscape

July is SmartWater Month


In June 2013 Governor Jerry Brown stated, “I invite all Californians to practice more sustainable water consumption, whether it be watering the lawn less frequently, constructing a drip irrigation system for the garden or upgrading existing systems with smart irrigation controllers.”

Martin Cleary, the President of Cleary Bros adds, “July is when our plants need the most water.  A key is to add water incrementally into July, but it’s critical to start looking for reduced water demand as we get near the end of July.  Even though it may be hot in August, the days are shorter and the overall water demand from the plants is reduced.”

Bay Area Rebates for Water Conservation

Alameda County Water District (ACWD) is now offering a lawn conversion rebate up to $500 for residential and up to $3,000 for commercial properties through its Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program[1].

Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) Lawn Be Gone! Program[2] provides rebates to approved customers that convert water-thirsty lawns to water-efficient landscapes. Maximum rebates are $500 for a single-family residence and $3,000 for a business or multi-family property.

California American Water offers residential and nonresidential customers in our Sacramento & Larkfield districts, many different rebates to help our customers conserve water[3].

Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) is offering rebates of up to $500 for residential and up to $5,000 for commercial properties through its Landscape Rebate Program[4].

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) offers an integrated package of both irrigation upgrade and lawn conversion rebates[5] – up to $2500 for single and multi-family residential properties (4 units or less) and up to $20,000 for commercial and multi-family (5 units or more) properties.

North Marin Water District has several rebate programs[6] available including a Cash-For-Grass” Turf Rebate, Water Smart Landscape Rebate, and Water Smart Landscape Rebate for residential customers. Confirm eligibility during your free Water Smart Home Survey.

Santa Clara Valley Water District offers rebate programs[7] that can help residents and businesses save both water and energy.

Solano County Water Agency offers a water-efficient landscaping rebate program[8]. Maximum rebate is $1,000.

Valley of the Moon Water District is offering a Cash for Grass Rebate Program[9]. Maximum rebate of $550 is available for removing turf.

Zone 7 Water Agency offers several rebate programs[10] in cooperation with its water retailers. Maximum rebates are $500 for a single-family residence and $3,000 for a business or multi-family property.

Many Bay Area cities are currently offering landscaping water conservation rebates as well:

City of Cotati is offering residential and commercial customers a Cash for Grass Turf Rebate in return for reducing the amount of lawn area in their landscapes and replacing with low water use landscapes. Maximum rebates are $500 for a single-family residence and $5,000 for a business or multi-family property.

City of Napa is offering water customers a Cash For Grass Turf Replacement Rebate[11] to replace their thirsty lawns with water-efficient landscaping. Maximum rebates are $500 for a single-family residence and $2,500 for a business or multi-family property.

City of Petaluma provides Commercial, Industrial and Institutional accounts as well as Multi-Family Residential accounts up to a $900 rebate for the purchase of a Smart Irrigation controller[12].

City of Pleasanton offers Water-Efficient Landscape Rebates[13] to residential, commercial, and irrigation customers, in conjunctions with Zone 7’s lawn Replacement Rebate. Maximum rebates are $250 for single family and $3,000 for irrigation and commercial customers.

City of Santa Rosa has both residential rebates[14] and commercial rebates[15] for turf replacement, irrigation efficiency improvement, and/or rainwater harvesting.

City of Sonoma in cooperation with the Valley of the Moon Water District, offers many programs and incentives to conserve water including low water-use demonstration gardens and a Cash for Grass Rebate[16].

Town of Windsor is offering rebates for the removal of turf grass or for the purchase of lawn sprinkler equipment upgrades[17] that improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system.


This information comes from the Bay Friendly and Gardening Coalition.

New Hire: Roger Green

We are pleased to announce that Roger Green has joined the team at Cleary Bros!

Roger is a Lanscape Maintenance Business Developer and will make sure that we understand the needs of each new customer in his region.  Roger will represent Cleary Bros in the South Bay- Los Gatos, Milpitas, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Saratoga, Santa Clara.

Roger has a 30 year background in the Bay Area landscape management.  For many years Roger Ran Aragon Commercial Landscape, Helped run Medalian Landscape, ran production at Serpico Landscaping.

Hiring Announcement: Robert Papagni



Robert PapagniWe are pleased to announce that Robert Papagni has joined the Cleary Bros. team.

Robert has a long history in the landscape management industry.  He started as a gardener and quickly moved up to Irrigation Technician.  Robert’s leadership skills made his a clear choice for the role of Production Manager.  He takes great pride in getting the work done quickly, safely, and properly every time.  Robert is a proud family man and has lived in the Bay Area his entire life.  Welcome Robert!