Before and After Photos of California Drought


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California looks a bit unfamiliar to residents these days: following historic rainfall, the state’s landscape has bloomed, bringing life to its formerly brown hills dogged by drought. On April 7, California Governor Jerry Brown officially lifted the state’s emergency water provisions, thus declaring an end to a record-breaking drought.

Brown, who’s been particularly critical of President Donald Trump’s climate policies, declared an end to the water restrictions he imposed in January of 2014. “This drought emergency is over, but the next drought could be around the corner,” Governor Brown’s statement read. “Conservation must remain a way of life.”

Source: Before and After Photos of California Drought | POPSUGAR News

Hiring HR Rock Star

Cleary Bros employees

Cleary Bros Team


We are looking for a Spanish and English speaking HR Profesional to help keep our excellent 230 employees Safe, Motivated, and Productive.


Oversee and drive: Staffing, Training, and Accountability.  This non-exempt position is primarily responsible for coordinating the company’s benefits programs, administering policies and procedures, and providing human resources support as assigned; perform related work as required.


The examples of functions listed in this job description are representative, but not necessarily exhaustive, of any one position in this job classification.  Management may assign other functions not listed herein at its sole discretion.

Responsible for all staffing activities (e.g., establishes recruitment plans, develops relationships with recruitment sources, conducts screening and interview processes); serves as the benefits liaison between vendor and employees; ensures legal compliance with all federal, state, and local employment statutes; coordinates the Company safety program (e.g., workers’ compensation, claims, loss run reports, OSHA 300 log); oversees the performance management system (e.g., feedback, discipline, documentation); conducts New Employee Orientation sessions; leads training and development efforts; operates office equipment; addresses employee complaints, grievances, and morale issues; manages various organizational change initiatives; administers policies and procedures; conducts investigations as required; ensures proper entry, storage, and use of employee data (e.g., application, benefits, wages, vacation, sick time); tracks all legally required leaves of absence (e.g., FMLA, ADA); makes recommendations regarding human resources issues; supports the organizational culture that fosters positive employee relations, teamwork, and productivity; manages various budgets (e.g., human resources department, safety, uniforms); coordinates company recognition events; maintains legally-compliant file management procedures (e.g., storage, documentation, destruction); leads meetings; performs follow-up, consultation, and administrative back-up as needed; and provides excellent service (e.g., accurate, complete, and timely) to clients, vendors, and staff in a courteous and efficient manner.

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April’s Featured Property of the Month

We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with KTVU Channel 2’s property in Oakland, providing their landscape maintenance for over 20 years! Set against the estuary near Jack London Square, KTVU has a great location and vantage point of the Bay. Cleary Bros. has been proud to take care of the landscape as well as the mature trees throughout the parking lot and around the building that add to the picturesque setting. We’re looking forward to renovating their landscape along the estuary in the coming months and taking care of the property for years to come!


Garden Musts for the Outdoor Lover

It’s finally that blissful time of year where green starts to reappear across the lawn and the flower buds make their slow reappearance after a long rest during the winter. With spring reaching full bloom from April to May, garden enthusiasts should start preparing for warm days outside, tilling their beds and keeping lawns well-maintained.

So what are the essentials to a perfect lawn? It varies depending on where you live and climate conditions. For any piece, you might consider hiring a landscape contractor if it’s too complex or time-consuming.

Consider some of these parts when shaping your garden for the warm months ahead:

1. Plenty of colors

While having a green lawn is paramount to a beautiful backyard, why not add in some colors as well? Flowers, bushes and trees with varying colors should be planted to allow for a variety of shades and hues. It adds vibrancy to the backyard and grabs the attention of visitors. Consider perennials that last for several years rather than annuals that have to be replaced every year for an extended visual pleasure in your garden.

2. Special areas for those select flowers

If you have a lot of foot traffic in the backyard or want to keep different breeds of flowers separate from one another, one method is to use gardening beds. Filling them with soil and mulch, you can plant shrubs or any number of flower varieties to create an oversized vase of that catches the eye when people walk out to the backyard. Having them above the yard also prevents grass clippings and animals getting into them.

3. Useful herbs

For those who have a passion for cooking, it’s always good to set aside a portion of the garden for herbs. Oregano, parsley and basil, to name a few, can be useful in cooking and save money otherwise spent on the less fresh herbs bought in grocery stores. There are even herbs that gardeners can grow in their backyard for cocktails and other mixed drinks. It’s a good way to save money and add that extra bit of usefulness to your garden.

4. Decor for relaxation & dining

The garden shouldn’t just be for exhaustive work and a nice fragrance every now and again. Homeowners should purchase some seating and a dining table for the back patio or deck. That way, on nights when it’s cool, they can enjoy the garden from an up close and personal view. Why not make the most of the garden rather than just working in it on sunny days? Be sure to install outdoor lighting as well for those dark nights so you get the full effect of the view.

5. A space for those rainy days

For the nature enthusiasts who don’t want to be deterred by rain, it might be good to install a covered patio, sunroom or gazebo in the garden area. This covered space allows for garden pleasure on those stormy or extremely sunny days without sacrificing comfort and safety. It will also allow for growing plants that might need more shade or cooler conditions than what an uncovered garden can provide. Consider having a professional build the structure to ensure stability against the elements.

This article is written by Andrea Davis from HomeAdvisor. Home remodeling photos courtesy of DesignMine