BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences

Our featured property of the month is BD Biosciences located in San Jose. The main building’s entrance and interior are undergoing a large scale renovation that includes the enhancement of some of the primary planter beds. Phase one of the landscape rejuvenation involved the removal of an aging escalonia hedge and installation of colorful drought tolerant plant material that will provide year round interest. Phase two is set to begin soon and will involve more drought tolerant Bay Friendly plant material as BD completes the building’s facelift. This will lead to a huge savings in water and money. We are excited to be a part of this process and look forward to its completion.



Compliment from a customer

Dear Cleary Bros.
I wanted to express my appreciation to you for the excellent service that your Apple Hill team of employees provide. Our grounds are always beautiful due to the wonderful job that your employees do. Not only do they provide beautiful landscaping, they provide excellent, friendly service. I live next to an open space on Newton/Spartan and have experienced some trouble with the irrigation system recently. When I spoke to one of your employees he was extremely helpful and receptive.
Thank you so much for making our neighborhood a lovely place to live.
Lisa Fisher
Apple Hill Resident

As Californians Save Water, Districts Lose Money

Bay Area water districts have posted big water conservation numbers this summer, some upwards of 40 percent. But saving water can have a hidden downside for those agencies: budget troubles.As cities and water suppliers see their drought conservation campaigns pay off, they’re selling less water to their customers. That often means bringing in far less revenue than expected.

Source: As Californians Save Water, Districts Lose Money | Drought Watch 2015 | KQED Science

How to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox Like the Ancient Maya with a Feathered Serpent


Wednesday marks the autumnal equinox, and though Google is celebrating the changing of the seasons with a cool doodle, the rest of us will probably just complain that summer is over.

But there is much to be thankful for with the arrival of the autumnal equinox — there’s pumpkin spice coffee, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, comfy sweaters, Halloween, and fall leaves. But at an ancient Mayan pyramid, celebrating the new season takes on a far more mystical tone.  Read more…


With El Niño threatening to turn California’s drought into drenching winter, worries mount 

After four years of drought, creeks and rivers flowing through the Bay Area are more trickle than torrent. But weather scientists are recording water temperatures in the Pacific nearing the highest they’ve ever seen, suggesting El Niño will open an atmospheric fire hose in the jet stream this winter. That’s caused a rising tide of anxiety that has left even the highest-and-driest Californians on edge.

Source: With El Niño threatening to turn California’s drought into drenching winter, worries mount – San Jose Mercury News

Featured Property: Gardens of Walnut Creek

630 Gardens of Walnut Creek Apr

The Gardens of Walnut Creek require a high level of detail, individual homes means lots of accountability. Our crew treats every home different and respects the wishes of each homeowner. We have several projects on the horizon from front yard landscape renovations to long term plans to phasing out ivy and junipers. This will mean a high level of accountability with the community. This crew is up to the challenge. The Landscape Committee and Board Members are very active. We have monthly walks with at least three representatives and everyone continues to notice the steps toward improvement. Having individual homes means each homeowner has a voice about what kind of landscape maintenance they prefer. The crew has a high level of customer interaction and high expectations for detail with accountability. Communication is the key to the success of this property.