Article: Protecting your trees

Make the Cut with Professional Pruning

Professional pruning keeps a community’s trees healthier and aesthetically pleasing. Proper pruning can prevent many problems in the future. Depending on the age, size, species, condition and location of trees, a variety of pruning techniques may be utilized.
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Survey Response

Hi Martin:  Just wanted to let you know that at our Board meeting last night we gave the results of a survey that was sent out to all the homeowners.

59% returned the survey and 77% marked  how they feel regarding the condition and work by Cleary on Landscaping at very good to excellent.

Cleary Bros 2014 Family Picnic

We had a wonderful time sharing Food, Fun, Games, and some Cold Water with our team and their families.  The venue was the Emerald Glenn Park in Dublin…one of our installation projects.  We had an estimated turnout of 300 people…not bad considering a projected temperature of 97+ degrees.  There are more photos on our Company Facebook Page

Cleary Bros Snow Cones Karine'




Mike and Martin Cleary

Lunch Time

The Cleary Brothers and Managers serve up lunch

musical chairs outside

Musical Chairs

Kids Sac Race

The kids Sac Race

Ladies Hula Hoop Contest

ladies hula hoop contest

Snow Cones at Cleary Bros

Snow Cones were a huge hit. It was Hot!

dunk tank ice bucket

Ice Bucket dunk tank

The World Cup

The World Cup of Soccer in the Bay Area

Green Team

Green Team

Yellow Team pros

Yellow Team



“It’s been so long since I’ve seen rain, I had to document it.”  Martin Cleary

Rain in the morning from martin cleary on Vimeo.

With the California drought having dragged on so long, it’s a pleasure to hear the rain.  At Cleary Bros, we have many ways to help reduce your water bill.  We can design smart irrigation systems that get the water to the right place at the right time.  Reducing wasted water is our goal.

New Hire: Ferol Arce Business Developer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ferol Arce as the Business Developer for the East Bay.

Ferol Arce East Bay

Ferol Arce Business Developer

Ferol will represent Cleary Bros. to potential new clients in the East Bay.  Mr. Arce will make sure that Cleary Bros understands the need of each potential account and will craft a detailed scope of work to ensure that we provide exactly what the client needs.  Ferol will stay involved with the new account as we start the take over process.  At each step of the way, Ferol is available to the customer.

Ferol is a long time member of the green industry.  Ferol has worked in the high end retail nursery business.  His love of people quickly put him in the role of outside representative for a large garden products distributer.  When the Big Box stores changed retail, Ferol moved into the service side of landscaping.  For the past 15 years Ferol has been the representative to the commercial and HOA customer. 

“I’ve always admired Cleary Bros. and when the opportunity came up to work with them in the East Bay, I jumped at it.  It’s a fantastic company and has always kept a clear focus on truly serving the customer and keeping a strong team.”

Martin Cleary on Ferol, “In the earlier years, when I was the sales representative, I met Ferol at a pre-bid meeting at a large homeowners association in Fremont.  Within 5 minutes, I knew that I was going to hire that guy.  It took ten years for the timing to work out, but I finally got him.”   Grinning, “I love this guy, he’s a warm soul and always leads with a smile.”

Ferol has a long history as a martial arts instructor and has led many students to advanced degrees in the sport.  More importantly, he has helped many people build character within themselves and understand their importance to those around them.

The Grass is too wet!

I was inspecting a property recently.  We’ve been asked to bid on the landscape maintenance contract.  Given the current drought conditions, I was surprised to find the lawn this wet.  Click on the link below to see the short video

Wet Grass

Another Property Manager that Loves Cleary Bros. Landscape

Good Morning Martin,


I wanted to let you know that I received a few irrigation calls over the weekend for ——– and Palmer was amazing to say the least!!


As a new manager, the afterhours calls can be a bit tricky and a bit scary until I get used to them… Palmer made all that go away!!!


I called and was leaving Palmer a message on his cell phone for the first emergency call, and before I could complete my message, he was calling me…  He was professional, friendly and said he was happy to help with whatever was needed…   he either went himself of sent someone right out and took care of the running irrigation…


I had another irrigation related call yesterday and received the same great, courteous attention from Palmer!


I can’t say enough great things about Palmer!!!!  He made what could have been a nightmare of a weekend for me, a breeze and no hassles!!


I’ve dealt with many after hour emergencies with vendors in my 17+ years in this business  and have never dealt with a more professional and helpful vendor than I did with Palmer over the weekend.. you would expect the vendor to call back not to happy to receive the emergency calls, but Palmer never showed that to me at all… he was courteous, professional, returned my calls immediately and followed up each time to let me know the status of  each issue!!!  And ended the call or text each time telling me to call for assistance anytime!!


Your company is lucky to have Palmer!!!


Thank you again Palmer for all of your help over the weekend!!


P.S. lucky for me, the two accounts that I’m managing have Cleary Brothers as the landscape company!!





Another Compliment about our gardeners

Yesterday about 5:00 o’clock, a tall and handsome Walnut Creek policemen knocked on our door. He asked H+++  if H+++ J+++ lived here and he almost fainted. When I went to the door he asked if I had ever seen the red object in his hand. MY WALLET!! OH MY GOD! Where did you get that??

Seems I must had dropped it out of my bag when I got into my car to come home. One of your gardeners found it and turned it into your office. They called the police and told them they had it. Since I am not in the telephone directory, they picked it up and delivered it to my door…………………..completely intact. All money and credit cards were left in it.

I wanted to hug and kiss him but thought better, and instead shook his hand and thanked him profusely. Please do the same for your gardener!!