It’s Arbor Day!

Over 135 years after the first Arbor Day was celebrated, Cleary Bros is happy to say Happy Arbor Day to our clients, colleagues, and friends!

In your honor, a tree has been planted in a national forest.  Visit Cleary Bros. Arbor Day card for more information on our Give-A-Tree gift to you!

Visit for more information on this great holiday.

The Hills Are Alive!


Recently you may have noticed an extra special golden glow creeping across the hillsides and fields in the Bay Area.  A vibrant yellow blooming plant has taken over the grassy areas flanking the interstates and freeways.  It’s the mustard plant!  Or, for the horticulturally inclined, the Brissica rapa!

Not a California native, the story goes that this eye-catching wild flower was brought to the region by Franciscan Father Serra who planted it as a representation of his pathway back to Spain.  It’s now such an integral part of our immediate landscape the Bay Area wouldn’t be the same without it. Take the Napa Valley area for example.  Mustard plants are used as a cover crop in vineyards to add nitrogen, improve soil structure, and control nematode populations.

What the mustard plant also means to Cleary Bros. is that it’s time for weed abatement to begin.  Those fields and hillsides need to be maintained! We’re currently working with our clients to perform weed abatement services throughout the Bay Area.  If your property needs weed abatement services and you aren’t a client of ours yet- give us a call!  We’d love to work with you too.

Comment from Commercial Property Manager


Good morning Martin and thank you for your call.

Ever since Cleary took over our landscaping services in Orinda and Walnut Creek, we have been extremely pleased with the service provided. Julie Gile is fantastic at arranging the designs for our properties. She is easy to work with, has a tremendous amount of knowledge, patience, and creativity.
One of her most important contributions is that she is always prepared and patient to help me budget the costs for work. I appreciate having her very much. Chris Sartain has also played a key role in our delight with Cleary.
Just like Julie, he is always attentive and responsive to the needs at our centers. The landscaping crews are always courteous and professional. They have done a tremendous job keeping the ivy under control and keeping the
site landscaping clean and well manicured at both locations.

To summarize, Cleary has done a fantastic job at recognizing the needs at our sites, sending professional and reliable people, and being an all around remarkable landscaping company. We look forward to a continued successful relationship.

Wildflowers in the Bay Area

wildflowers on Mt Diablo

Mt Diablo Native color

The wildflowers will be getting in full bloom soon.  The Bay Area has some terrific viewing areas on all sides of the Bay.  We love Mt Diablo and Mt Tam.  Where are your favorite wildflower viewing spots?