Another Property Manager that Loves Cleary Bros. Landscape

Good Morning Martin,


I wanted to let you know that I received a few irrigation calls over the weekend for ——– and Palmer was amazing to say the least!!


As a new manager, the afterhours calls can be a bit tricky and a bit scary until I get used to them… Palmer made all that go away!!!


I called and was leaving Palmer a message on his cell phone for the first emergency call, and before I could complete my message, he was calling me…  He was professional, friendly and said he was happy to help with whatever was needed…   he either went himself of sent someone right out and took care of the running irrigation…


I had another irrigation related call yesterday and received the same great, courteous attention from Palmer!


I can’t say enough great things about Palmer!!!!  He made what could have been a nightmare of a weekend for me, a breeze and no hassles!!


I’ve dealt with many after hour emergencies with vendors in my 17+ years in this business  and have never dealt with a more professional and helpful vendor than I did with Palmer over the weekend.. you would expect the vendor to call back not to happy to receive the emergency calls, but Palmer never showed that to me at all… he was courteous, professional, returned my calls immediately and followed up each time to let me know the status of  each issue!!!  And ended the call or text each time telling me to call for assistance anytime!!


Your company is lucky to have Palmer!!!


Thank you again Palmer for all of your help over the weekend!!


P.S. lucky for me, the two accounts that I’m managing have Cleary Brothers as the landscape company!!





Another Compliment about our gardeners

Yesterday about 5:00 o’clock, a tall and handsome Walnut Creek policemen knocked on our door. He asked H+++  if H+++ J+++ lived here and he almost fainted. When I went to the door he asked if I had ever seen the red object in his hand. MY WALLET!! OH MY GOD! Where did you get that??

Seems I must had dropped it out of my bag when I got into my car to come home. One of your gardeners found it and turned it into your office. They called the police and told them they had it. Since I am not in the telephone directory, they picked it up and delivered it to my door…………………..completely intact. All money and credit cards were left in it.

I wanted to hug and kiss him but thought better, and instead shook his hand and thanked him profusely. Please do the same for your gardener!!


Martin Cleary does the ALS (and Alzheimers) ice bucket challenge



Mike Archer challenged Martin to the ice bucket challenge.  We were surprised to hear Martin make such a funny sound.

We encurage you to make any contribution that you can afford  to support the ALS Foundation and/or the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Link to ALS donations

Link to Alzheimer’s Association

5.1 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s.  As our population continues to age, this number is expected to triple by 2050.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014 from martin cleary on Vimeo.



A quote from a community member on one of our larger properties

I would just like to say The Cleary Bros does an absolutely amazing job with the landscaping of the community. I am always amazed when I drive down Kinross at how beautiful they keep our neighborhood. Also the crews are very friendly and always wave when I see them on my way out to work. Please pass the compliment along, I hope it gets out to crews as well they are very good at what they do.


This was copied to Cleary Bros from the property manager.

EBMUD Mandates 2 days of water per week

Glass Half Full

dry soil


Drought Update


In the second driest year ever,
EBMUD asks the East Bay to stretch
its water supplies – and taps the Sacramento River for the first time.

California’s Emergency Water Conservation Restrictions

We remind East Bay residents and businesses that water is too precious to waste. Until further notice, all EBMUD customers are required to:

  • Limit watering of outdoor landscapes to two times per week maximum and prevent excess runoff.
  • Use only hoses with shutoff nozzles to wash vehicles.
  • Use a broom or air blower, not water, to clean hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks, except as needed for health and safety purposes.
  • Turn off any fountain or decorative water feature unless the water is recirculated.

Have you seen water being wasted? Report water waste here.

Please cut your water use ten percent

To everyone in the East Bay who makes conservation a way of life, we thank you. We don’t have to ask for more than 10 percent conservation now because of EBMUD customers’ history of conserving and rate payers’ investment in supplemental supplies, recycled water and conservation measures.

Since February, EBMUD customers have cut back 10 percent. By following the mandatory measures and continuing to cut back your water use you stretch our existing supplies in case there isn’t enough rain and snow next winter to replenish our reservoirs.

  • Slow your flow. Use our WaterSmart Home Survey Kit to evaluate your home’s water use and find leaks and inefficient fixtures.
  • Find and fix leaks. Toilet and irrigation systems contain some of the biggest and sneakiest leaks.
  • Watch your watering. Summer water use can double or triple. The best way to save water in the summer is to cut back outdoor watering. When you turn on your irrigation system, look for signs of leaks, overspray and run-off. Remember your lawn needs water only two days a week, and shrubs and trees only one day this time of year.
  • Upgrade appliances and plumbing fixtures to more water efficient models. EBMUD currently offers water conservation rebates to customers for toilets and washing machines.
  • Convert your thirsty lawn to a sustainable landscape and upgrade your irrigation equipment to efficient drip systems and self-adjusting controllers. Rebates are available for single- and multi-family residences and commercial customers.

Visit the WaterSmart Center for more tips to guide all customers in conserving precious water and fixing water-wasting leaks.

Drought history: how did we get here?

In 1976-77, East Bay residents and the East Bay economy felt the pain of severe mandatory water rationing. To prevent such hardship from occurring again, EBMUD invested for more than three decades in increasing available water supplies and making conservation a way of life in the East Bay.

Today, the East Bay is better prepared to cope with a severe drought than it has ever been.

Over the past 10 years, customers have reduced their water use by 20 percent. Additionally, EBMUD has invested nearly $1 billion in the past decade on additional water supplies, recycled water projects and conservation programs. Today, thanks to ratepayer investment and customer conservation, EBMUD can handle short-term droughts better than in previous droughts.

EBMUD monitors precipitation and reservoir levels daily. As of July 18, EBMUD had 436,120 acre feet of water stored in all its reservoirs combined. That is 57 percent full or 68 percent of average. Reduced runoff from last winter’s storms means EBMUD reservoirs did not refill this year.

What’s next?

Statewide mandatory limits on outdoor water use and waste are in effect until further notice. EBMUD adopted a local regulation to support the state’s efforts.

More cutbacks, mandatory rationing, drought rates and surcharges for the purchase of additional water supplies may be needed to cope with serious, prolonged drought.

EBMUD promises that if drought rates and allocations are put in place to enforce mandatory rationing, customer allocations will not be based on use during this voluntary cutback period.

Buying, treating and delivering drought year water supplies from the Sacramento River adds costs, but this summer EBMUD was able to absorb the cost and not add a drought surcharge to customer bills. However, if additional water is needed again, a 14 percent supplemental supply surcharge may be applied to flow charges – resulting in a temporary average increase of $6 for the average customer.

Cleary Bros gives away a truck for a good safety record

Promoting a safe work space helps us all.  At Cleary Bros we take safety very seriously.

Martin Cleary presents truck

As a reward for a safe year, Clerary Bros gives a truck away

A safe work place helps our employees, our customers, and the company.


He’s a happy man with his toyota tocoma. Martin explains that we appreciates the companies improvement.


Keeping our Parks Safe, a little night time tree removal

One of our expert arborists, Hudson Puente helped Six Flags- Marine World come up with a tree risk reduction plan.  With that plan in place, we started to implement some of the recommendations- At Night!

The park is full of happy people during the day so we have to be in and out in the off hours.

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