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It is looking good out here in the Moraga Country Club.  A recent change in the landscape maintenance crew to Cleary Brothers. I see the guys working all around the country club every day, very dedicated and industrious.

Moraga Country Club

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A supervisor, Robert, was adjusting the water timer for our association just outside my front door.  I asked him a question about my personal back yard sprinkler system and he explained what I had done to disable my system and quickly volunteer to stop another day when he had time to get it wired properly.  He arrived as promised and quickly rewired my 5 station valves, was happy to help, and certainly above and beyond what I would expect from a landscape  service that works for our association,  Thank- you  Robert!

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We called Cleary Brothers to have an Arborist come out and look at our Redwood trees due to their size and proximity to our home. Katie from Cleary Brothers came out and Wow, was she knowledgable, on time and very nice.  We are so glad we called them and were relieved to hear out trees are just fine.  Another company in the area told us one of our beautiful trees should be taken out.  I’m certainly glad we contacted such a professional company that is always looking out for the customer.  They could have made a buck but they did the right thing!  Thank you Katie and thank you Cleary Brothers!!

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I manage a hotel and needed a dead tree removed asap as well as maintenance pruning on dozens of other trees.  Your arborist gave us a fair price and had the work completed quickly.  The crew was very professional and cleaned up so good after themselves that you could not tell they had done so much work.

  • Fremont, CA

Yelp Five Star Rating


I just  came to thank Cleary brothers for their awsome work. And their great team, specifically a guy that operantes a stum grinder and plants trees because personally recived a great job from these guy. I was wondering a lot of thing about the job and although his english is not that good he did good explaining everything i asked. He has come a couple times to work for us and he has been very nice and friendly i dont’t know his name’ but i think is cross
Thank you Cleary brothers.
Thank you cross

Yelp Five Star Rating 8/25/14

WOW! Just WOW!!!!

So my in-laws home have gigantic trees every since they moved in, years and years ago!  Wasn’t really a problem until my MIL started developing horrendous allergies to the pollen it was creating in the yard.

Deciding enough was enough….my husband called Cleary Bros (under an excellent) recommendation, and the Arborist hooked us up.  BIG TIME.  He assessed the yard and gave us a great rate.  The crews that they sent on the project were incredible!  On time, polite, professional, efficient, and did I mention…EFFICIENT?!?!?! And the yard looks AMAZING.

We will not hesitate to recommend Cleary to anyone… get what you pay for, and we definitely got the BEST!

Thanks…. Cleary Bros!!!

  3/7/14Yelp Five Star Rating

 I was very impressed with the speed at which the work was carried out from Cleary Bros. Thank you to the joiner and plumber who worked late twice to complete work. I am very pleased with all of it. I was very surprised there was so little mess, given the nature of the work (removal of kitchen/dining ceiling and bathroom/part-bedroom floor).
I was most happy with the courtesy of your staff and building contractors that I met and spoke to over the phone.Thank you Clearly Bros for everything.

Yelp Five Star Rating  9/8/2008

First to Review

These guys are super reliable.  Their management is attentive and what gets communicated to them is carried out in our condo development’s landscape.  Our concerns about new ground plants being delivered in unhealthy states, large bamboo shoots that needed to be  trimmed back, pests that were damaging some bushes, etc. were all received and responded to promptly.  The grass throughout is kept pristine and vines are no longer unwieldy.  They are very professional!


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In most cases the water line running to your home is “metered” for accountability and billing purposes. A leak on your line can be very costly. Yet, even a very small leak can be found through trying a few simple techniques and can save you from a nasty surprise from your local utility company. If you have been notified that you have a leak, here are a few steps you can do before calling a plumber. The more you do, the less it will cost you in the long run!


EBMUD has prepared a helpful guide on sourcing leaks.  Download this helpful guide by clicking Here

Pleasanton Council expected to award near-$900,000 contract tonight as part of Bernal/I-680 project | News 

The Pleasanton City Council is expected to approve a near-$900,000 contract tonight for landscaping work and a gateway monument at the Bernal Avenue/I-680 interchange.City staff is recommending that the council award the contract to Cleary Brothers Landscape, Inc. of Danville for the work, that will complete the overall interchange improvement project. It has included new exit and on-ramps, a traffic signal and additional traffic lanes on Bernal.The contract consideration is one of a number of issues before the council at its only July meeting, which will start at 7 p.m. in the council chamber in the Pleasanton Civic Center, 200 Old Bernal Ave.

Source: Pleasanton Council expected to award near-$900,000 contract tonight as part of Bernal/I-680 project | News | |

House approves California drought bill | TheHill

The House moved Thursday to provide relief to the most parched areas of drought-plagued California with a bill to increase water flows through federal infrastructure.The House voted to approve the bill 245-176, mostly along party lines, despite a White House threat to veto the measure.The legislation is the Republican Party’s signature measure to confront California’s four-year-long drought and an attempt to fight back at Democratic policies that the GOP says prioritize fish over humans.The bill would mandate certain volumes of water that the federal government must push through the Central Valley Project, a massive system of dams, reservoirs, aqueducts and other infrastructure built to take water from California’s wetter areas to its dryer ones. In doing so, it answers a common criticism of the Obama administration: that it is reducing water flows to protect endangered fish species that rely on the water, based on unfounded fears and bad scientific studies.The bill is a major test for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is tasked with balancing his leadership responsibilities while staying in touch with his agriculture-heavy district in the Central Valley.McCarthy has jumped on the issue in part to ensure he won’t face a similar fate as former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who lost his primary in a surprise defeat last summer that many blamed on failing to focus on the needs of his district. As House majority leader, McCarthy had the power to ensure the legislation would get floor time before lawmakers break for the August recess. “The nation should know what the people in my district know: Food grows where water flows. No water equals higher food costs,” McCarthy said during floor debate on the measure.He cast the California drought as a threat to the nation’s food supply.”This isn’t a local problem. Half of the produce we eat in America is grown in California,” McCarthy said. “When California hurts, the entire nation hurts as well.”Rep. David Valadao (R-Calif.), the bill’s chief sponsor and one of the top Democratic targets this election cycle, said conservation efforts were not enough to ensure Californians have access to water.“We’ve done what we can. We do it in our homes. We’ve done it in the way we live our lives. But at the end of the day, you can’t conserve anything from zero. Because zero is nothing. There’s nothing left,” Valadao said on the floor.Democrats criticized the bill, saying it’s an attack on protections for endangered fish and wouldn’t really solve the drought, which they believe is caused or exacerbated by climate change.“Despite their professed love for our public resources, some of my Republican colleagues just can’t seem to find a species worth saving or habitat worth protecting,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva (Ariz.), top Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, said in a statement.“This bill is a major disappointment to me, to the people of California, and to the ninety percent of Americans who think the Endangered Species Act is worth preserving,” he continued.The Obama administration threatened to veto the bill earlier this week, citing the endangered species protections and other problems.“Like similar legislation in the last Congress, H.R. 2898 was developed with little input from the public, the administration, or key stakeholders affected by the drought,” the White House said. “The urgency and seriousness of the California drought requires a balanced and flexible approach that promotes water reliability and ecosystem restoration.”The legislation would set a high bar for federal officials to reduce volumes, requiring that they prove that fish species would go extinct otherwise, while putting new standards on the scientific studies they use to prove that.The bill also is a major rebuke to the policies of California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and his Democratic and environmental allies, who have emphasized water conservation amid the drought.Brown in April ordered a 25 percent cut in water use within the state, the first time such a restriction has been mandated. While residents and businesses have had mixed results trying to achieve that goal, residential water use dropped 28.9 percent in May, the most recent month with data available.

Source: House approves California drought bill | TheHill